Shot to the Face Entries


2008 Entries

1. “Stand for Freedom” by Team USA
Otis Sherman, Jayson Ball, Nick Lee, Ryan Sargeant 
1st Place Judge’s Category
1st Place People’s Choice Category
2. Video Unavailable “P Style”
Kanako Wynkoop, Heather Hall, Lindsey Salls
2nd Place Judge’s Category
3. “Absence Teunbles” by Fran Agaard
Nick Thomas, Jessica Goheen, Max Bert
3rd Place Judge’s Category
4. “Chet’s Last Beer Bong” by Virginia Slits
Tyler Ball, Martin Hogan, Zach Dunlap
2nd Place People’s Choice
5. Video Unavailable “A Trip 2 Tha Farm”
David Weinberg, Jared Arave
6. “Portland”
7. “Fungus Among Us” by Dream Team 08
Alex Kozlow and Sam Mascari
8. “I’m So Lonely” by The Duke Army
Rose and burgessoise
9. “Sweet Adeline”
Abby Williamson, Ian Keliher, Laura Alstad, Libby Williamson
10. “Bog Monster” by Team Lakefish
Per Berg and Corey Grams
11. “Dirty Water”
Aaron Meola
¬†director’s cut
12. Video Unavailable “I Am So Lonely” by The Duke Army
Rose Thor, Nathan Burgess
13. Video Unavailable “Mitsukete: Please, Find Me” by Team Kosovire
Carlos Alonso, Marie Saito, Fransisco Andres Jumenez
14. Video Unavailable “Heartstruck” by Mediaworksterz
Isaac Rivelle, Michaela Havschulz
15. Video Unavailable “Aggressive Negotiations” by Team MPS
Milo Price, David Price, Nora Price, Midge Price
16. Video Unavailable “Patriarchy from a Shoe’s Point of View”
T, Alvina Wong
17. Video Unavailable “Majikat” – Majikat Crusaders
Belinda Man
18. Video Unavailable “Cremaster 2012″ by Team Fink
Afsha Rozzell, Michael Weerts
19. Video Unavailable “Jolkitron 9000″ by Team Zardoz
Trevor Allen Gagner, Lance Gagner, Dusty Gagner, Ian Taylor, Chris Rogers
20. Video Unavailable “4 Minute Journey About Clocks”
Kenrick Ward, Erin Tannar, Nick O.
21. Video Unavailable “I’ll See You Then, My Love”
Rob Rostad, Jamey Roberts
22. Video Unavailable “To Infinity and Beyond” by Little Lesbians
Colin Wintz, Eric Marantz, Alex Clark McGlen, David Cleeland
23. Video Unavailable “untitled” by Team Awesome
Alexis Wolff, Justas Osmer, Jamaria Daniels, Cassandra Kuring, Jake Anderson
24. Video Unavailable “untitled” by Team School Spirit
Dan Smith, Sam Schroeder

2009 Entries

1. “Death Bear” by Wuthering Hype
Tyler Ball, Sophie Hakala
2. Video Unavailable “My Most Speshylst Friend” by Team Happy Fun Magic
Cole Miller, Gail Adams, Darlene Adams, Sam Grey
3. “The Mutant Waters of the Evergreen State College” by Team Mathias Bartlett
Mathias Bartlett
4. “More Fruits & Fairer Flowers” by Land of the Lost
Zach Weintraub and Nandan Rao
5. “180 Grados” by Sacred Dragons
Piers Rippey, Heidi Barta-Cole, Nicolas Lofredo Rota
6. “Breathing Room” by Team Dirk Diggler
Matt “Gimpy” Olson
7. “Cremaster 873″ by Team Fink
Michael Weerts, Afsha Rozzell
8. Video Unavailable “Moopie the Charlses” by Mallard and the Common Loon
Dideo Mathis and Plaster Harris
9. “Mom” by Chantal Chantal
Kanako Wynkoop
10. “The Blackest of Reds” by Verdome
Corey Doerscher, Nathan Chinn, Stephen Braigen
11. Video Unavailable “The No Music Show” by The Corrections Officers
Jefferson Elliot, Mahta Shakib
12. Video Unavailable “Untitled” by Team Whatsherface
Kamaria Daniel, Alexis Wolf, Jacob Anderson, Justice Ozmer, Dezi Rose
13. Video Unavailable “A Motley Crew” by Modern Love
Otis Sherman, Scott Moen, Jayson Ball, Ryan Sargeant, Nick Lee
14. Video Unavailable “Slumber Party” by Team Beat
15. “The Importance of Being Urnest” by Team Bear Land
Emma Touar, Alex Kaylan, Tenzin Lhaze
16. “The Record” by Face Shooters
Forest Bright, Brian Fligner
17. “Fir” by Etc.
Aris Chagoya, John Farinell, Gabe Balogh
18. “Video Games” by Well-Dressed People
Abby Williamson, Libby Williamson, Laura Alvestad
19. “In Search of Imps” by Lye Burned Babies
Alex Kime, Jessie Meliza, Greer Kofoed, Freddy Dobler