Audio Engineering


2010 Evergreen Student Music Project “Chronocasym” – Nic Barnes
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a whole slew of talented musicians and producers to bring this ambitious and sprawling composition to life for contemporary composer Nic Barnes.  It features literally dozens of instruments and experimental mic configurations- everything from marimba and B3 organ to cello and ceremonial gong.  It was recoded on 2″ and pressed on limited vinyl for the Evergreen Student Music Project.


Brite Lines “Aint So Bad” – Brite Lines
I was excited to work with singer/songwriter Zachary Gore on his new pop folk project Brite Lines.  We tracked a whole album’s worth of layered brass, string, and drum sounds in a couple of chaotic weekends. As an experiment we muted everything but Zach and his six string, and the emotional intensity of this track really came to life.


Josh Martin “Final Sequence” – with Josh Martin
This electronic composition materialized in an afternoon while manipulating a modular synthesizer with midi elements from a theme Josh had arranged previously. We used a new technology by Expert Sleepers to automate the synth’s oscillators and filters and got some very tight Wendy Carlos-esque results.